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Barry Clark

Account Director
Future Foundation

Barry Clark provides insights fueled by a long career in marketing with key drinks brands before joining the Future Foundation in 2006. He consults internationally, working with companies to forecast how economic and social change is likely to influence their business strategies.

The Future of Wine: Impacts of affluence versus the drive to sobriety

As a consumer product wine enjoys advantages that no other alcoholic drink can rival – multiple price points, an equal appeal to both genders, flavours to suit every palate and a sufficiently wide product range to cater for any social occasion.  A fast-growing global middle-class and rising incomes offer the chance for significant growth and a desire for greater sophistication.

However the industry faces significant head-winds and the forecast is for increasingly inclement conditions.  Few governments are unconcerned by the effects of alcohol consumption and ageing populations add urgency to the issue.  Partly prompted by government, consumers are moderating their own behaviour and embracing sobriety in many different areas of their lives.  Barry Clark, formerly of the Whitbread Beer Company and now a consultant to over 200 clients, considers the possible problems and potential opportunities for the international wine trade.

His presentation will cover:

  • Occasional preference – how wine drinking occasions are changing
  • Big data, big impact – how the coming revolution in consumer data will change attitudes and habits
  • Conscious of cost – how governments will act to curb consumption through price



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