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Dan Jago

UK and Group Wine Director
Tesco Stores Plc

Dan has spent most of his working life in the drinks business joining Layton’s, an old school city wine merchant, following a nine-year stint as a Navigator in the Royal Navy. 1n 1990 he joined Bibendum Wine, becoming joint Managing Director in 2001. In 2006 he crossed he divide to become a category buyer for beers, wines and spirits with Tesco, the UK’s largest retailer. In 2013 he took exclusive responsibility for wine within Tesco’s UK business and the across the group’s twelve-country global operation. In 2014 he was voted ‘Most Influential Person in Wine’ by Off Licence News (OLN).


Buyers’ market:  The retailer’s role in shaping the wine industry

We’ll ask how much power retailers should, could and do have in today’s global wine industry.  What do they want on their shelves and to what extent is that driven by an understanding of their customers that producers would do well do emulate?  And how can the relationship between producers and retailers be improved to the benefit of all?

Dan will join Anne Thysell and Sara Norell in this discussion

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