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Dominique Persoone

The Chocolate Line

Dominique Persoone trained as a chef in Paris before returning to his first love, chocolate.  Twenty one years ago he opened his now world famous shop in Bruges, the Chocolate Line.  A self-styled ‘shock-o-latier’ he has transformed the world of chocolate with unique flavours that combine his knowledge as a chef with his passion for cocoa.  Today, in addition to running two shops in Bruges and Antwerp, he works with the world’s most creative chefs, including Heston Blumenthal of the Fat Duck and René Redzepi of Copenhagen  to share innovation and push the boundaries of chocolate invention.  Visits to Mexico inspired him to write ‘Cacao:  The roots of chocolate’, which was named Chocolate Book of the Year at the Gourmand World Cookbook awards in Paris.

Chocolate: A whole new world

Dominique Persoone, heralded as the most persistent innovator in the world of chocolate, will introduce you to chocolate like you’ve never tasted before; chocolate you can eat, drink, wear and even inhale. In doing so he’ll challenge us all to think about the sources of innovation – the stimuli that drive us to take a traditional product and create something deliciously, temptingly, even shockingly new. He will touch on the power of food-pairing and the complimentary nature of chocolate and wine.   It’ll be a very hands-on (and lips-on) experience. You’ll get to sample his exquisite chocolates, including his wine chocolates, Chocolate Lipstick, and see the world famous Chocolate Shooter he created especially for The Rolling Stones.


Curious to find out more? This short video will give you a flavour!


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