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Jonny Forsyth

Global Drinks Analyst

Jonny Forsyth has worked in Mintel’s Global Drinks team since 2007, working with high profile drinks businesses while keeping a finger on the pulse of market developments, innovation and consumer trends across the global wine industry. He has worked in marketing for over ten years, with drinks brands including Stella Artois, and has an MSc in business psychology.

What the world wants to drink now – Variation and taste transformation in a global market

As wine producers seek to expand their reach across established and emerging consumer markets, the need to understand regional differences in taste and drinking culture become increasingly important. Mintel’s unique global view reveals shifting tastes and emerging appetites worldwide, from the classic wine heartlands of Europe to the burgeoning economies of Asia.

Drawing on extensive global research, Jonny Forsyth considers what the world wants to drink now, how forward thinking producers are catering to their appetites and how changing tastes will transform the industry.

  • The shift to sweet – The western world’s millennial generation, raised on sweet soft drinks, is graduating to sweet wines, threatening traditional assumptions that link ‘dry’ with ‘desirable’
  • In the heartlands of France fruit-infused wines are growing in popularity – from grapefruit rosé to white wines infused with peach, lemon or lime
  • Across Asia appetites continue to evolve and, in China, red remains dominant
  • Insatiable appetites – the thirst for new varieties and exotic producers among an experience hungry global generation
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