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Kevin Shaw

Founder and Creative Director
Stranger & Stranger

Kevin founded Stranger and Stranger in 1995, creating the world’s leading, multi-award winning drinks packaging company with studios in London, New York and San Francisco. Kevin was formerly Creative Director with D4, managing campaigns for Coca Cola, British Airways, Mobil and Coutts Bank. Before that Kevin spent 2 years with Collett Dickenson Pearce Advertising Agency as Design and Art Director working with, among others, Unilever.

It takes bottle.  Revolutionising packaging design in the world’s most traditional industry

Wine bottle design has barely changed in at least 300 years, making this one of the most traditional, change resistant industries in the world when it comes to packaging.  It can’t go on this way.  A wine industry that’s keen to appeal to a younger demographic, open up new international markets, establish ‘green’ credentials and fight off competition from savvy spirit and beer brands, needs to embrace change rather than mistrust it. Kevin Shaw, founder of one of the world’s most progressive drinks packaging design agencies considers developments on both sides of the Atlantic, reviews recent radical design options and flies the flag for innovation, ecology and lateral thinking.

Kevin’s talk will cover:

  • From paper bottles to square bottles – revolutionary brand innovations that challenge the status quo (and might just save the planet)
  • Beyond the bottle – wraps, packs and new ways to extend buyer appeal
  • Courage and conservatism – what wine producers need to understand about retail attitudes in the US and Europe
  • Feel the spirit – what lessons do innovatory spirit brands have for the wine industry?
  • Consumer resistance – do they really hate change as much as we think they do?

It’s all in the bottle: The transformation of wine packaging

The bottle is just about the oldest form of packaging known to man. So what’s to change? We’ll investigate new trends in packaging, from traditional cork and glass to cans and cardboard. What is the art of the possible in packaging and what does it take to drive customer excitement for (or at least acceptance of) change?

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