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Mike Greene

Business Mentor & Chairman
Drinksupermarket.com and HT Drinks

Mike Greene began his career in retailing delivering newspapers and went on to hold senior marketing, operational and development roles in major UK food retail businesses. Fourteen years ago he and business partner, Tom Fender, acquired Him!, a leading wholesale, retail and shopper consultancy that now operates worldwide. This combined experience means he is uniquely placed to understand both big picture shopper trends and the day-to-day minutiae of life on the retail front line. Today he is a Director/Chairman of 9 companies including DrinkSupermarket and HT & Co (Drinks) Ltd, an established angel investor, business mentor and philanthropist.

Connecting with customers: Retailers and wine producers in pursuit of a common goal

Retailers and wine producers work towards a common goal – to encourage consumers to buy and consume wine. So why do they so often seem to be at cross purposes? There’s only one way for wine producers to win the support of their retail partners says Mike; by helping them understand, engage with and sell to their customers. It’s no longer enough to promise big brand advertising and above the line market spend. Wine brands need to breed communities of interest among consumers that will drive them in store to buy; then share insights from those communities with their retail partners.

Mike’s talk will outline:

  • Up to the minute wine buying trends – based on hands on experience and latest research
  • The changing communication paradigm – why mass marketing is giving way to community engagement
  • The need to share intelligence – interpreting retail customer behaviour to ignite their passion for wine brands
  • Customer focused supply chains – building lasting relationships centred on the consumer
  • Value verses quality – understanding what drives customer perceptions
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