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Tyler Balliet

Founder and President
Second Glass, the creators of Wine Riot

Tyler Balliet created Second Glass in 2006 and launched Wine Riot in 2009. Wine Riot’s formula combines entertainment and education in a party atmosphere at large scale events across America. The Wine Riot programme is reinforced by powerful digital and social marketing. The Second Glass app, which allows Wine Riot attendees to remember and rate the wines they taste, has collected over quarter of a million reviews and provides valuable insight into millenials’ wine preferences. Tyler featured in Inc Magazine’s 30 Under 30 list in 2010 and in Wine Enthusiast’s 40 Under 40 in 2013. He has been named a ‘Rising Star’ by Wine Enthusiast and crowned ‘Prince of Boston’s wine revolution’ by Stuff magazine.

Running out of time? Why there’s only five years left to win the millennial market

The United States has taken over from France as the world’s biggest wine drinking nation. Its growth is being fuelled by a resurgence of interest among the millennial generation, who are engaging with wine via social media and a new age of riotous wine events. Sad to say, this trend isn’t being repeated elsewhere in the world. Tyler Balliet urges the wine industry to spend the next five years – as the millennial generation comes of age – on winning the hearts and mind of this powerful consumer group before their drinking habits become set and a generation of opportunity is lost. In this presentation, he’ll tell us how that can be done.

  • Curious, experimental and information hungry – why these defining characteristics of the millennial generation are good news for wine brands
  • How wine tasting became Wine Riot – and got more than 50,000 young Americans turned on to wine
  • Latest research and insights from the floor – what millennials want from wine and from you as its producers
  • Feeding the demand – using social media to satisfy an information hungry generation
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